X-Wing Starfighter
Coming soon for Android.
X-Wing Starfighter is a mobile space combat simulator for Android.
The game is a smaller and simpler version of the PC version of the game called Star Wars Squadrons.
If you are interested in the PC version please visit www.starwarssquadrons.com.
To join the forum and see screenshots/videos, visit the game on slidedb: http://www.slidedb.com/games/x-wing-starfighter

Download demo APK package (122MB) for Android.

Here is a manual how to install the APK package manually from your PC.

Game Features
Single Player Campaign
Gain Experience
Unlock New Ships (Y-Wing/X-Wing/A-Wing/YT-2400)
Modify Ship Components

Future Features
More Campaigns
Unlock More Ships (B-Wing/T-Wing/E-Wing/K-Wing/Y-1300)